On January 9th, a little over two months ago, Bryan Caplan wrote, Many, perhaps most, of my friends are giddy about ChatGPT. My Inbox is full of emails from Tyler Cowen touting its glories. More concretely, Alex Tabarrok recently assured me that existing AIs could already beat…
We don't actually know how ChatGPT works. It might have some true understanding.
The title of this post is technically true in many circumstances, but it's more complicated than some think. Let me explain why. It is true that if you…
Incentives make the world go round. You know what also does? People.
I show off my predictions, and answer some questions
The logic behind anti-vaccination reflects humanity's deep bias in favor of nature
A reply to Nathan Robinson and some musings on the capitalism vs. socialism divide
Recent AI accomplishments have been impressive, but I'm not quite convinced we're close to a radical transformation in human civilization
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